I would like to take this time to give a positive review which is well deserved.

The entire staff at the Wall Street Global Trading Academy, David Green, Peter Tuchman, Roman Levin, Ken, Brian (My apologies for not knowing their last names) and everyone else who has taken part in running this wonderful course deserves more than a thank you and a review. They deserve everything good that this world has to offer.

The staff are sincere, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, and care very much about every single student that signs up to the course. They're literally at your beck and call and will answer all your questions and stick with you until you have a clear understanding of what it is you're asking before letting you make your next trade and possibly blowing up your account.

David Green Works The Green Room every single day Monday through Friday without missing a Beat. He puts countless hours in this course and room. Not only takes time away from his family but still manages to work the course during a difficult time in which he is dealing. But instead of resting, he devotes his time to this course and the students in it. Not to mention at the end of every Thursday he puts an hour and a half to two hours in on the Q&A's at night. He has completely devoted his life to this course.

As far as the price goes, well let's just say it's way undervalued. It should be going for 5 to 10 times more in value than what it's going for. That's on the low end. I don't care what any troll says on any of these social media platforms, you will not find another educational platform cheaper than this and offer what its offering. Its that simple. I know this from experience, there are a lot of people out there running scams and just looking to take your money and can care less if you become successful or not. But not this course.

I had knowledge of the stock market and trading prior to entering this course but unfortunately it came with a lot of bad habits. My whole way of thinking and going about trading needed to be reconstructed and this course did just that. I was stubborn for a while in my ways but I dropped my guard and finally listened. Because as Peter tuchman says, a hard head makes a sore ass and he's 100% right.

1 I'm more confident in my trading.
2. I've been educated the right way.
3. I have mentors to set me straight when I start breaking the trading rules. 4. I'm constantly learning on a weekly basis along with so much more.

I personally have been truly blessed to come across David Green and the entire staff. A simple thank you is just not enough.

To the entire staff, you are deeply appreciated and respected and please keep doing what you're doing because you're changing lives. You giving people a Fighting Chance in this life to not have to work till the day they die. A chance to have a constant flow of income and believe it or not you're removing the burden off people's shoulders of working a 40-hour work week and just relying on that income to live. You guys simply Rock !

Thank you again
Current student and Green Room member

-Robert B 

The course and offerings that Wall Street Global Trading Academy provide are worth every penny. Their expertise and approach to trading is priceless.

The Internet is full of people claiming to be the latest trading guru. WSGTA is a group of people who have been doing this for decades with a proven and profitable system for trading. The concepts you learn can be applied to any security that has a chart. Their technical charting has been working great for stocks, options and futures for me. Thanks WSGTA! "

-Brian W

David took my massive losses from 2021 and taught me in 1 week how to cut those to hundreds from thousands.

He then showed patience over two months in his room where I cut that hundreds to tens of losses. I'm on the cusp of being profitable without sizing my trades beyond 100 shares. My focus reversed from "What can I get on this"? to "Risk on this is X". His patience and knowledge took me from sweaty-hand trading to being calm and cool on every trade.